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  • Photos may not contain ANY nudity and must adhere to Daddyhunt profile photo guidelines

  • Photos MUST clearly show your face (no sunglasses or side/profile views)

  • Photos should be relatively recent

  • Photos must be high image quality, well-lit, not blurry, and in JPEG format

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  • If you do not own the photo, you must have the owner of the photo complete this form as well. Photographer watermarks are okay as long as they are small in size and in the lower right or left corner of the photo.

  • Your photo must not appear in advertising or promotional material for any competing app or website, gay or straight.

  • A POSITIVE story IS REQUIRED FOR CONSIDERATION about you and your experience on Daddyhunt. Generally, those who provide a detailed experience are more likely to be selected.  No one word responses.  Your story must NOT contain profanity or sexual descriptions.

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