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Can't Get No...Motivation

You'd think with the official start of Spring being just around the corner, motivation to get an exercise regime together might come naturally. The pressure starts to mount from all angles when shirtless fun is on the horizon. Whether you go to the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle, vanity, or genuine enjoyment, it can get kind of stale at times. Recently, some of us on the Daddyhunt Team have been trying to be a bit more active outside of the gym, as in, building some "real world" strength that's actually applicable and, dare we say, fun! The gym plateau we all reach is commonplace, which is why a supplemental activity seems like the best chance of shaking things up. In an effort to give us all the "get up and go" we might need, we've gathered some potentially fun suggestions to keep things interesting.

  • Join an Intramural Gay Sports Group

    What if playing sports with a group of guys could actually be fun? Not only are gay sports leagues a great way of keeping in shape and to a schedule, they're also a great way to make new friends (and who knows, even meet your future significant other).

  • Grab A Partner

    Statistics show that having a workout partner in tow increases your chances of reaching your fitness goals. While actually making sure you each get to the gym is an obvious benefit, there's nothing like having a friend there to give you a spot and encouraging you to push yourself even further. You may also find that in trying to keep up with each other, developing a healthy dose of competition can keep you performing at peak levels. What's more, having a date at the gym, with a new beau or significant other, can keep things sexy in and out of the gym. Especially when it's time to hit the showers and burn even more calories with some post-workout sexcersizing.

  • Find Someone to Kick Your Ass

    It may not be for everybody, but sometimes you need someone to get in your face and subsequently force you to the ground. Finding a local exercise boot camp or program may seem like a scary idea at first, but the results are nothing but. Making a commitment to meet before (or after) work with a group of peers and have a drill sergeant push you to your limits will whip you into shape in no time. Just look at all those sexy military recruits. If it works for them, it'll certainly work for you. There are similar, albeit slightly less intense programs, like CrossFit, which has locations around the world and garner the same sexy results. CrossFit gyms are great for all levels of experience. And while they can vary depending on which gym you go to, the classes your own gym has to offer can be a great way to spice things up from time to time and get some different muscles in the mix.

  • The Great Outdoors

    When the weather begins to warm up, shirts tend to come off. That should be motivation enough to take a stroll, run, bike, blade, or skip around your local park and see what the rest of the guys are up to be they straight or gay. And if you're able, switching up your commute via bike or walking can be another great way to make getting fit a part of your daily routine (and save you some money in the process).

Got any other great motivators or suggestions for getting back with the healthy? Get those finger working and type hard below!